PAL scaffolding

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PAL scaffolding
Excellent Quality

Used PAL scaffolding/ used PAL supporting Towers We have large quantities of used PAL scaffolding / PAL supporting Towers/Pal Formwork. We can help you with your worldwide projects. Pal supporting scaffoling is known and used worldwide. Call us now. We can draw/design every project and deliver it where ever and wennever you need it! Do you prefer renting the Pal material , let us know we can help you with the help of our sister renting companies! Pal Supporting Scaffolding 13720x PAL Frame 100 13683x PAL Frame 75 8753x PAL baseplate 109x PAL Swifel Screw Jack 8567x PAL Footer 136 3920x PAL diagonal 192 2540x Pal spindle Head hollow tube 3243x Pal spindle Head solid 660 mm 3154x Pal spindle Head solid 660 mm red 9956x PAL Fork 546x PAL Console 70
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