Van Thiel Scaffolding couplers

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Diameter 48,3 mm
New and used

Van Thiel Couplers used and new. Building equipment has large quantities of all kind of selected couplers for sale.

Diameter 48,3 mm , Errem and Stampwerk
New and used available:

  • Right -angle  Couplers van Thiel fixed wedge   around  42.000 pieces in stock.
  • Swivel Couplers van Thiel fixed wedge around  4600 pieces in stock.
  • Sleeve Couplers van thiel fixed wedge around  4600 pieces in Stock.
  • Sleeve coupler older type  with and without wedge  32.000 pieces in Stock.
  • Right -angle Couplers stampwerk and others without wedge 102.000 pieces in Stock.
  • Stored per 250 couplers with wedge in a bin.
  • Stored per 500 couplers without wedge in a bin.

Allways large quantities in stock! Quick worldwide delivery!

If you also need Tubes , we have large quantities 48,3 diameter original "' Hoogoven"tubes for sale.

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